UNESCO’s World Science Day features in PSC’s Rise Up Shape Up

BUTCH Ramirez

In celebration of UNESCO’s World Science Day, the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) presents a special back-to-back episode of Rise Up Shape Up highlighting women coaching and leadership this weekend.

Through PSC’s web series “Rise Up, Shape Up,” the Commission aims to remind the public of the significant role of sports science in society and how it contributes to human growth and development.

 PSC Chairman William Ramirez hopes that the special episodes will inspire the public to develop their champion mindset and build healthy habits for growth and development.

 MAC’s CrankIt Tennis Academy (MCTA) of Australia founding Director and coach Patricia Puzon will headline the November 20 episode. Puzon who is also the book author of Becoming a Great Coach, will share her experiences and knowledge on coaching in the 10:30 am episode.

Meanwhile, coach Henry So, ATPCA International Director for Strength and Conditioning and ATPCA Master Pro Level 3, and National Presenter for Hong Kong will be starred on the Sunday episode.

Women in Sports Commissioner Celia H. Kiram stresses that sports excellence and a champion mindset is not just about the physical, but also the emotional and mental wellness of an individual. Comm. Kiram will share inspiring anecdotes of Puzon and So in her regular segment “K-Isport”.

The special webisode will also showcase snippets of the three-day virtual 2021 Women’s Leadership Training and Coaching Seminar conducted by PSC Women in Sports. 

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Written by Tempo Desk

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