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Kim, mas sikat na


Rep. Lito Atienza is the first to give credit where credit is due when it comes to his relationship with his famous son, Kuya Kim.

During public events in line with  his vice-presidential run in the May 2022 national election, the former Manila mayor would get a resounding applause each time the host would introduce him thus: ‘Heto na po ang tatay ni Kuya Kim, si G. Lito Atienza!’’

Rep. Lito enjoys telling this little story again and again as he did so recently another time during a Pan de Sal forum at Kamuning Bakery in Quezon City.

I asked him to share a few pieces of trivia about Kuya Kim, to which he gladly obliged.

He said that as a child, Kim had always loved animals. The family had a small aquarium of tropical fishes which fascinated and delighted Kim as a child.

“It started his life-long love of wildlife animals.’’

 Kim would bring home all sorts of animals, from turtles to hamsters, what looked like little mice, every time he went out. He also liked collecting stray cats, which shocked his mother and siblings.

Kim inherited his love for the arts from his parents, who were former Bayanihan folk dancers. Kim was a ballet dancer and theater actor in his youth.

CongLito said, ‘’Ang santol, di namumunga ng mansanas.’’

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Written by Tempo Desk

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