Sunshine Guimary in sexy, heist thriller ‘House Tour’


Celebrities nowadays are fond of vlogging.

They do so hoping to establish goodwill towards fans eager to know more about them and their lifestyle.

Some feature their day-to-day activities.

Others zero in on their pets, their cars, their homes.

Not many realize the danger that comes with it.

Vivamax’s newest film, “House Tour,” tackles this.

In it, sexy actress Sunshine Guimary plays the role of Gabby, an award-winning actress.

She and her husband Franco (Rafa Siguion-Reyna), a former Olympian, live in a Santorini-inspired, resort-like home that has a million-dollar view of Taal volcano.

They often indulge their viewers with a very detailed house tour on their vlog.

Unfortunately for them, a group of robbers led by Markus (Mark Anthony Fernandez) saw this, going on to hatch a plan to rob them.

Joining Markus is his brother Raims (Diego Loyzaga), Raims’ girlfriend, Ely (Cindy Miranda), and Buddy (Marco Gomez).

It would’ve been so easy, what with Gabby busy with work.

But Franco would eventually catch them there.

Who will win? The owner or the robbers?

Directed by Roman Perez, Jr., “House Tour” streams on Vivamax starting Oct. 22.

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Desk

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