Luis Manzano on the art of the cocktail

At the start of the pandemic, many Filipinos discovered new skills and hobbies,
from baking to planting.

Luis Manzano believes cocktail making could be the next new skill that Filipinos can try out.

“Trust me when I say that you will enjoy this. Most of the time when we go out,
you order a cocktail, but then you don’t truly get to understand how intricate it is
to make a drink. This is one big learning experience, especially if you do enjoy
cocktails. You get to appreciate the art of cocktail making even more and at the
same time, get to learn a new skill,” relates Manzano.

The whole thing has been made easy by Ginebra San Miguel, launching G-Mix Nation, an online mixology series that teaches viewers how to be their own bartender at home while raising appreciation for the art of cocktail making.

Manzano hosts the series.

He is no stranger to bartending as he graduated with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the College of St. Benilde. 

“There’s something magical about being a bartender. When you’re out with friends and someone’s mixing a drink, you can’t help but look. G-Mix Nation took me back to the time when I was taking my bartending class,” says Manzano.

Manzano is joined in the online series by actress and GSM Blue brand ambassador Sue Ramirez, engineer AJ Almacen, professional diver Germaine Marie Catague, accountant Kris Trenchera, gamer Scott Lomboy, celebrity DJ Jimmy Nocon, sales agent Alec Ramirez, fashion designer Kat Munar, and former Barangay Ginebra San Miguel player Jayjay Helterbrand. 

To further the cause, Ginebra San Miguel also launched the G-Mix Nation Home Bar Kit now available at select supermarkets nationwide and online store LazMart.

Manzano dubbed the G-Mix Nation Home Bar Kit as the ultimate survival e-numan kit as it has all the tools for a home bar: A cocktail shaker, stirrer, jigger, cocktail recipes, and a bottle each of the classic Ginebra San Miguel Kuwatro Kantos, GSM Blue Light Gin and GSM Premium Gin.

“It’s truly a blessing for me to be a part of G-Mix Nation,” says Manzano.

“Who doesn’t know Ginebra San Miguel. Who doesn’t know the drink? Who doesn’t know Ginebra San Miguel as the never-say-die of the Barangay Ginebra? There’s a certain magic when you talk about Ginebra San Miguel. Ginebra San Miguel will always be a memory that you keep coming back to and it’s still something that we keep on enjoying. We would drink Ginebra San Miguel back in college, after class of course, and we would always gin responsibly,” Manzano adds. 

Like and subscribe to the G-Mix Nation YouTube channel and catch the latest episodes of the series every Friday.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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