Puregold Channel scores major hit with ‘GVBoys’

Laughter is indeed the best medicine and Puregold Channel proved this recently with the landslide success of “GVBoys” – its first-ever digital series.

Directed by veteran TV and film director Don Cuaresma as written by Sherwin Buenvenida and Joaquin Acosta, “GVBoys” is a laugh-a-minute online comedy series that stars Jerome Ponce, Dave Bornea, and Nikko Natividad with Wilma Doesnt, Elsa Droga, and Carmi Martin.

“GVBoys” revolves around the adventures of misadventures of Jawo (Ponce), Zeus (Bornea), and Dax (Natividad) in the hopes of raising money to redeem their boarding house owned by Aling Pearly (Martin) from a debt incurred from an old frenemie Loisa (Doesn’t).

The series pilot that streamed on Puregold Channel’s Facebook and YouTube platforms last July 10, almost breached the 1M mark in consolidated viewership along with its second episode with thousands of positive comments and reactions from netizens.

On YouTube, I Love Tansyong-TV commented, “We need contents like this…ito ang magiging gamot sa depresyon ng bayan…”

Ur In My Zone raved, “Freaking! Hilarious! Looking forward for this series…#PuregoldChannel that you for making #GVBoys possible…”

Win Manuel gushed, “Love this show. Love the cast they’re so funny…”

These are but just a few of the thousands and thousands of affirmative comments from netizens not just from the Philippines but from all over the world as well.

“We are very grateful and humbled to the public for their solid support and the wonderful reception they gave to this show. We really worked hard to give everyone the much needed joy and laughter that are necessary during these uncertain times and I thank Puregold Channel for its trust and unwavering support,” says Cuaresma.

“The entire cast and crew are all pumped up to work even better in delivering the craziest quality entertainment that everybody could enjoy. The consistent encouragement of viewers is truly overwhelming,” says Ponce.

On the highly-anticipated third episode streaming on July 24 (Saturday, 7 pm), the outrageous and mischievous escapades of “GVBoys’” motley crew continues.

Jawo shoots a TV commercial as he begins a budding romance with Loisa; Dax courts house angel Avana (Abi Kassem); Zeus does a fixer-upper in house; Aling Pearly fights back as Loisa continues to terrorize her; and Kathryn B is forced to pretend to be straight.

GVBoys streams weekly for free on Puregold Channel’s YouTube and Facebook platforms.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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