Lovi Poe, Rhen Escaño fight over Joem Bascon in ‘The Other Wife’


Lovi Poe said she accepted her role in “The Other Wife” deeming the whole vehicle “different,” “unique.”

Same with Rhen Escaño, who actually believes it is something never done before.

“Wala ako matandaan personally na ganitong kind of film, or at least yung treatment namin, shown locally,” she maintained.

Joem Bascon, thought otherwise.

“Given the title, akala ko actually it’s similar to a movie I did with Lovi a while back,” he shared.

But the offer came amid the height of the pandemic and work is work.

In the end though, JOem is happy to have accepted the job.

“Tama sila Rhen at Lovi. The movie is very different and I’m very, very grateful to be part of it,” said Joem.

“The Other Wife” tells the story of Janis (Lovi) and Ronnie (Joem), a young couple trying to fix their marriage.

To do so, they spend time together at a beach house.

Out of the blue, Luisa (Rhen), Ronnie’s childhood friend, joins them.

And it gets weirder.

Janis would notice strange goings on at the beach house, including her hairbrush, bath soap, among other stuff, being used by someone not her husband.

But who?

Is Luisa hiding a secret?

Is Ronnie having an affair?

Is Janis going crazy?

“The Other Wife” is directed by Prime Cruz, who also helmed the hits “Ang Manananggal Sa Unit 23B” and “Sleepless.”

He said, “‘The Other Wife’ is the sexy-thriller you have never seen before. The suspense and the romance will drive you crazy, as you won’t expect what will happen next. Kumbaga, kakapit ka hanggang dulo.”

“The Other Wife” is now streaming exclusively on VIVAMAX.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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