This Band offers hope for the lovelorn

The biggest band of 2019 is back with a new single titled “Wala Ka Nang Magagawa.”

The single was released a couple of weeks ago and is doing well. Par for course for a band whose memorable break out hit “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na” has an estimated 140 million streams on Spotify and YouTube combined.

This Band – which includes singer Andrea Manzano, guitarist songwriter Euwie Von loria, keyboardist Melvin Carson, lead guitarist RaymartGubat, bassist Miccael Galvan and drummer John Macaranas—have paced themselves with quality releases after their breakout hit.

“Wala Ka Nang Magagawa” is their first new song after 2020’s “Huwag Kang Matakot,” an album of all-original tracks.

In “Wala Ka Nang Magagawa,” This Band keeps getting better at what they do as a pop rock group, trying out new sounds and ever moving forward with their songwriting.

Carson describes This Band’s current themes as being “about (experiencing) heartbreak after heartbreak, but despite (that) giving up is never a choice.”

Carson went on to enumerate This Band fan-faves such as “Bakit Ganon” and “’Di Susuko” as examples.

This optimistic “never-give-up” theme varies.

On “Huwag Matakot” Carson describes it as a hopeful song about “self-love which tells us that we should embrace our flaws and love our own uniqueness.”

And it’s that “self-love” that permeates “Wala Ka Nang Magagawa.”

This Band is very grateful for the love and support that people showed them the past three years and they are looking forward to performing live again soon.

As for the next big hit from This Band, it is imminent. As sure as somewhere out there, someone is experiencing heartbreak, there is a This Band song for them to listen to. 

Currently, This Band is keeping busy with a new music video for “Wala Kang Magagawa” and an upcoming collaboration with another band set for release later this year.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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