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Yucky foods


Does eating get your goat? Try some of these most exotic foods in the world as listed down by Google.

100-Year-Old Eggs in Hong Kong. This is also called Century Egg.

Deep-Fried Tarantula in Thailand.         

Fried Silkworm, also in Thailand. 

Of course, balut (duck fetus) in the Philippines.

Grilled dog in Vietnam, Cambodia, China. 

Chicken Feet, all around Asia, South America, Africa. 

Hakarl, rotten shark, in Iceland. 

And cat meat in Vietnam.

There’s a dish called possum pie in Arkansas.

It contains no meat ingredients, pretending to be something it is not, just a play on words.

According to Arkansas Life, a typical possum pie contains a top layer of whipped cream with a thin layer of chocolate fudge hidden in the center. While this bizarrely-named food may not be much of a challenge to eat, it makes for a funny story to tell friends and family that you have tried possum pie.

In Maine, where the state takes pride in abundant, high-quality seafood from the northern Atlantic, they have developed something called  New England Lobster Ice Cream.

According to Out of Office, a customer visited Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Maine in 1988.

The customer remarked that the shop had every flavor other than lobster ice cream. To this, the manager asked the customer to “come back tomorrow.”

The next day, the client returned to find a new flavor: lobster ice cream.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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