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Prutas na orange


Orange-colored fruits keep your eyes healthy.

Some of the orange-colored fruits are apricots, cantaloupe, mango, nectarine, oranges, papaya, persimmon, and tangerines.

These fruits can be eaten either fresh or dried.

However, note that store-bought dried fruits will most likely have sugar and sulfites added.

How orange fruit came to be known as orange is a story in itself.

Oranges were grown in Arab countries then. The Arabs later traded the fruit in different parts of the world, all the way to Spain.

Now, the Spanish word for orange is “naranja.” That’s probably where the word naranjita (for orange) came from.

Google notes that orange as a color adjective dates from the early 16th century.

To quote: “Therefore, we can say that the orange is called orange because it is orange, as well as orange is orange because of the orange.’’

Blueberries are the only fruit named after a color.

Yellow-colored fruits prevent you from getting sick.

Falling under category exotic fruits from the Philippines are: Kaimito (Star Apple), Duhat (Java Plum), Guyabano (Soursop), Balimbing (Star Fruit), Aratiles (Jamaica Cherry, Muntingia).

There’s also Chesa (Lucuma). Yellow when ripe, it has the texture of squash or the yolk of a boiled egg.


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Written by Tempo Desk

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