Massacre suspects fall



BACOLOD CITY – Police here arrested two of three persons linked to the killing of four relatives due to a reported failed illegal drug transaction of one of the victims in Gardenville Subdivision, Barangay Tangub, this city, last Wednesday.

Police Major Joery Puerto, head of the Police Station 8, identified the two persons of interest as Christian Don Tulot, 39; and Joel Espinosa, while a certain “Bro” is still at large.

They were tagged in the murder of Jocelyn Nombre, 59; her sister Gemma Espinosa, 69; their nephew John Michael Espinosa, 35; and his six-year-old daughter.

Puerto said Tulot, who is an adopted child of Nombre’s sister, was tracked down in Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental late Wednesday afternoon after police received information linking him to the crime.

Puerto said Tulot was inconsistent with his statement at first, when he was brought to the police station here, denying the accusations against him.

Police recovered from Tulot five sachets of suspected shabu worth P6,800.

However, Puerto said that Tulot confessed to the police the following day, admitting that he witnessed the killing of his aunt Jocelyn and John Michael.

Puerto said that Tulot narrated to them that he arrived Sunday morning at Nombre’s house, where he joined Joel, alias Bro, and Michael, who were having a drinking session.

While they were drinking, Tulot said that Michael and Bro figured in a heated argument when Michael asked Bro about the proceeds of the illegal drug transactions he owed to him amounting to P35,000, Puerto said.

A commotion then followed between Michael and Bro, prompting Bro to hit Michael with a hammer while Joel was holding both hands of Michael, Puerto said.

Nombre saw the incident and tried to ask help from their neighbors, but Tulot stopped her from going outside her residence and instead held both her hands, causing some scratches on Tulot, Puerto said.

Bro went to them and allegedly hit Nombre with a hammer while Joel reportedly hacked her sister with a cane cutter, he added.

Bro also hammered Gemma, who was inside the hut, Puerto said, quoting Tulot.

Tulot also said that he saw Michael’s daughter crying in the bedroom, but he chose to leave the house after Bro threatened to shoot him, Puerto said.

Puerto said Tulot fled to Don Salvador Benedicto where he is working as a family driver. He didn’t know who killed Michael’s daughter.

From the confession of Tulot, police were able to identify Tulot’s uncle Joel and Bro as persons of interest in the crime, Puerto said.

Puerto said Joel was arrested at the back of the victims’ house Thursday.

Puerto said that autopsy is ongoing to determine the other injuries of the four victims. The weapons used in the crime were not recovered.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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