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Earth Hour: Flipping climate story to hope as there is no ‘Planet B’

IN a digitally wired world, turning off lights and gadgets for one hour appears a bit much of a sacrifice – but think again, because that “time window” could be the most important hour for us to reflect on what we can really do to save the planet we’re currently living in.

“Earth Hour” will be knocking once again on our doors today (March 27) – for our participation to switch off lights in our homes, businesses and other establishments between 8:30-930 p.m. – and this is happening not just in the Philippines but all over the world.

There is no denying that climate change risks are already swallowing us up – as evidenced by the flurry of calamities of extreme proportions that have been hammering us over and over again.

Some may find an excuse of non-participation because of the lingering pandemic – but before opting for that, it might be wise to ponder on that the “Earth Hour” activity is done for a greater purpose – because if we fail in our fight against global warming, woefully, there is no “Planet B” that we can scurry ourselves in.

The science that we know tells us that the clock is now ticking when it comes to goals of abating warming at 1.5 degrees C. In fact, the overall prognosis is that such target may no longer be achievable given the guilt-free pace of human consumption and economic modernization that many countries in the world have been aspiring for. Regrettably, these are evoking fear, desperation and hopelessness for humanity.

But what can one-hour do to save on electricity usage or pare the carbon footprints of a country or the world? Perhaps, not much! But it is the underlying mission of the activity and the call for cooperation from many that will spell the difference – it will bring forth a powerful message that the world still cares and is willing to act collectively not just in rescuing planet Earth, but more so, in preserving it for the viable use of the next generations.

What does it take to “clean our acts” and join the ethical and selfless undertaking to bail “Mother Nature” from danger? Experts are pushing for the deployment of green technologies – such as renewable energy installations and instituting energy efficiency and conservation as a way of life for consumers.

Forthrightly, “energy efficiency” is not a very alluring proposition to many – but that kind of mindset may just have been pervading because consumers are not aware of the tools and technologies they have on hand to reduce energy usage at home or at work, that in turn could provide huge savings to families as well as businesses’ electric bills. Lower energy usage and the use of RE technologies, too, are certainly good for the environment because these entail lower carbon emissions spewed into the atmosphere.

Hence, beyond our yearly “Earth Hour” celebration, what’s really needed might just be a new way of thinking – and for people the understand the beauty, the real resonance and the passion of energy saving.

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Desk

Tempo 27 March 2021, Saturday issue

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