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Isdang loro


You see them in wet markets where they’re sold as food. You also see them in homes, as pets sealed in aquariums.

It’s sad that the commercial sale of parrot fish or loro fish is allowed around here.

The importance of parrot fish in preserving rapidly depleting coral reefs cannot be under emphasized.

Parrot fish eats algae and dead corals off coral reefs, and then excrete this into coral sand.

Parrot fish live in warm regions of the Carribean, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.

The fish got its name due to its close resemblance to parrot’s beak. It has a thick, heavy body and large scales.

But more than anything, it is quite colorful with its varying shades of blue and gray and other colors.

Parrot fish is also known for changing sexual orientation throughout its lifetime.

The meat of parrot fish is sweet. It has the flavor of shell fish that makes it a hit among food lovers.

It is a unique flavor that those with exquisite taste hold in high esteem.

This is because parrot fish feed on coral and algae.

The meat is white, substantial, and easy to saute or braise.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): American Lobsters can live longer than cats and dogs.

They can live up to over 20 years.

Catfish have over 27,000 taste buds, so much more than humans who have only 9,000.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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