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Chunky semen


Dear Doc Rica,

During the lockdown, me and my boyfriend missed each other so much so the instance that we had a chance, nagpasundo ako sa kanya and pagbalik namin sa condo niya, I gave him a blow job kasi may period ako. When he came, medyo chunky ‘yung cum niya. I don’t know how else to describe it so pasintabi na lang para siyang ginatang bilu-bilo. Pero first time ko pong nakitang ganun. Is this something I should be worried about? Thanks.

Papaya Madness

Hello Papaya Madness!

It sounds to me that you found yourself in a quite sticky situ­ation. I can assure you na ang pagiging chunky ng semen ng iyong boyfriend is more com­mon that you may think. It is not a sign or symptom ng STI or Sexually Transmitted Infection.

Ang semen ng lalaki ay nagiiba ng texture, odor, color, or taste paminsan-minsan. Puwede din itong maapektuhan ng tem­perature, physical activity, diet, or kung kelan ‘yung last niyang ejaculation. Di ba may joke nga na sa tagal ng last, parang ka­ong na ‘yung cum? In your case, mukhang mas nakarelate ka sa ginatang bilu-bilo.

Minutes after ejaculation, puwede pa ring magbago ang consistency ng semen ng lalaki. It is more likely to be jelly-like. ‘Yung mga proteins kasi na component nun can cause it to be thick and sticky. Eto kasi ‘yung consistency that helps semen to stay longer inside the vagina. Kaya more chances of winning din when it comes to fertilization.

So normal and healthy naman ang semen ng iyong boyfriend kahit chunky siya. However, if the semen is accompanied by pain or other discharges, then kailangan na nating ikonsulta ito sa health care professionals. Maganda pa ring magpacheck regularly for healthy and happy sex lives. Always enjoy and be safe.

With love and lust,

Doc Rica

Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psy­chologist, Sex and Relationships Therapist, and Sex Educator. Follow her at and @_ricacruz in Twitter and IG.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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