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Be a better you


Complacence often leads to problems. Lack of growth ultimately leads to decay. No matter what your age, strive to become a better you in simple way!

Challenge yourself to improve on a weakness or to stop an undesirable habit. Is tardiness an issue? Are you a shopaholic? What habits and patterns often lead you to pains and difficulties? If you want things to change, you hold the key.

Choose a personal mantra. What repeated word or phrase will provide you with encouragement? Affirm yourself. “I am worthy.” “I am a strong eagle.” “People’s opinions do not define me.”

Strive to be strong. Never allow people to crush your feelings and your aspirations.

Some people will even try to use you and change you for their benefit. Keep your distance! Passive aggressors will make a jab even if you are not doing anything to them. Know your enemies! Sometimes they have the sweetest smiles and the most generous gifts!

Choose healthy options. “Health is wealth.” Walk more. Take the stairs. Reduce your consumption of processed and unhealthy food. Observe Covid-19 safety protocols inside and outside your home. Avoid too much stress. Learn to forgive. “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die” (Buddha).

Improve your critical thinking. In a world where fake products, people, and situations abound, be more discerning. When we ask “why,” the answer is sometimes painful, but important. Subject things to a thorough scrutiny. Your gut feeling will help you know if something is not right.

Inspect, assess…evaluate. One more time!

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Written by Tempo Desk

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