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Unsolicited advice

WILLIE Revillame


This is unsolicited advice to Willie Revillame. Don’t…don’t run for an elective position. You don’t need a position in government to be of help to people in need.

WILLIE Revillame

Of course, Willie has time and again said he isn’t interested. But then, he might change his mind considering that no less than President Duterte ask him, to keep his options open.

Sure, he is certain to win. If he runs for Senator, he will be only 1 of 24. If he runs for congressman, he will be only one of over 300. But as TV host, he’s one of a kind.

Willie is Mr. Charity the whole year round. He has helped thousands, giving out millions from his own pocket.

There’s no one like Willie Revillame.

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Desk

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