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1Sambayan breaks out


Today (March 18), a grand coalition of democratic forces non-aligned with the administration comes out as a united front for 2022. 1Sambayan, as it is called, pulls in a host of former government officials from the far left as possible to the extreme right as there is, with the mission to draw a single slate, sharp as an arrow, to thrust into the heart of the Duterte bandwagon on Election Day.

I’d have to admit. I’m skeptical. Not because I don’t believe such a political mission can bring forth a refreshing change to the last string of years under madman rule. However, our politicians are so diverse in backgrounds, hardly speak a common language, and seldom willing to put the common good above personal ambition. We are a land of the ugliest species of butterflies – political butterflies.

From the little we’ve heard about or identified from this band of pro-democracy crusaders, they seem to have their strategy figured out. Their unity and strength would be centered on respect for the process of selection. Very much idealistic, if you ask me, especially if we gauge the players by age, being pretty much – how do I say in contemporary terms? – above the APOR or allowed persons outside of residence?

With many “formers” attached to their names, we have former Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, former Ombudsman and SC associate justice Conchita Carpio-Morales, former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario, former Education Secretary Armin Luistro, and anti-corruption activist Bert Alejo. This might well be a legacy project, bearing all the good intentions for the country.

I do hope this base webs out further through the vast and regional political spectrum we have, to include younger and more grounded leaders. More importantly, if they are the best and the brightest, they could bond together like Epoxy. If they can pull through with a charade of withstanding one another throughout the campaign and embrace the singular goal of toppling the Dutertes or the President’s “anointed one” to clinch the vote of the Filipino electorate, then, well and good.

Still, I fear such an ambitious united coalition may be as solid towards winning as it is brittle after victory. I hope not. For our country is in the lowest of its lows with this COVID-19 pandemic, and our nation is thirsting to death for genuine leadership, real progress, and certainty in direction. As the Duterte administration has successfully proven, Filipinos want to be led; we just need the right leaders.

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SHORT BURSTS. Kudos to San Miguel Corp. for sponsoring a webinar on best industry practices in media for journalists based in the provinces. I heard that two of my former AB Journalism students in UST are involved in this advocacy called “ED Talks: A journalism training series for regional media” – Mr. Jayson Brizuela of SMC’s Media Affairs Group and Mr. Nate C. Barretto of The Philippine Star. They recently organized the webinar, titled “Journalism Ethics and Fighting Misinformation in Pandemic Times,” featuring as resource speakers Senior Copy Editor Mike Frialde and Emergency Medical Technician Abs Abando, for media practitioners in Bulacan. More power to your advocacy and your entire team!… For comments or reactions, email [email protected] or tweet @Side_View. Read current and past issues of this column at Tempo – The Nation’s Fastest Growing Newspaper

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Written by Tempo Desk

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