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Unlikely pairing

CHRISTINE Reyes and Diego Loyzaga


Not exactly a May-Decem­ber couple, Diego Loyzaga and Cristine Reyes don’t think much of a few years age dif­ference to make a relation­ship work.

The comebacking Diego says working with Cristine in the Philippine version of Ko­reanovela “Encounter” taught him relationship lessons.

CHRISTINE Reyes and Diego Loyzaga

Cristine said Diego is the first leading man of hers to whom she was particularly fond of.

“I was very nice this time.’’

Cristine admitted that she was once a brat, maldita, but that she’s a changed woman now.

Cristine and Diego play ac­cidental lovers in “Encoun­ter,” the story of a rich hotel heiress and a hotel staff of hers.

The couple tries to hide their forbidden affair to avoid scandal and the risk of losing Celine’s share in the family estate.

Those who followed “En­counter” on Netflix know only too well how their love story met up with too many hurdles.

Set to premiere on March 20, the series, directed by Jeffrey Jeturian, is a joint venture between TV5, Sari Sari Channel, and Viva Enter­tainment.

Jeffrey, who’s known for his romantic comedy shows, says location plays a key role in projecting romance.

“We shot sunset scenes in Burgos, Ilocos Norte that are just so pretty,’’ he said during an online mediacon.

Catch “Encounter” Satur­days, 8 pm on TV5.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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