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Dear Doc Rica,

I am bisexual and most of my life I have been with girls. But recently, I guess I missed a dick in my life so I went out with a guy and nakakamiss din naman pala to have sex with a guy. Currently, we have been going out for a while and naalala ko din how much I love cum to the point na I enjoy giving blow jobs and swallow­ing semen. May masamang effects kaya to swallow often? And pardon me for the very naive question, hindi kaya ito nakakabuntis? Sorry it’s been a while.

Bi Jane

Hello to you Bi Jane,

I see that you are re-learn­ing being in a relationship with someone from the op­posite sex. You did not men­tion how long it has been but it does sound like it has been a while. Magkaiba talaga ang dynamics ng either gender when it comes to relation­ships and sex. As a bisexual woman, I would understand how you may miss having a penis in your sex life.

One risk of swallowing sperm is puwede itong mag­ing way to transmit sexually transmitted infection or STI if one partner is infected. Some people use condoms even while giving blow jobs as practice of safe sex. You and your partner can go to a health professional to have yourselves checked. It is al­ways wise to do that.

But to answer your other question, hindi ka puwedeng mabuntis by swallowing your man’s sperm. Sa digestive system mo papasok ang se­men and will be processed by your body just like food na kinakain mo. Puwede ka lang mabuntis kapag ang semen ay pumasok sa reproductive system through the vagina. Kailangan magkaroon ng access ng semilya papunta sa iyong egg para mafertil­ize ito.

Oral sex is really a fun alternative to penile-vagina penetration and I am glad that you are enjoying it. Explore some more. Communi­cation is the key. Pag-usapan niyo kung ano pang puwede ninyong gawin and have fun. Always enjoy but be safe.

With love and lust,

Doc Rica

Rica Cruz, PhD, RPsy is a Psychologist, Sex and Rela­tionship Therapist and Sex Educator. She is a co-host of the program Feelings at OnePH Channel 1, and listen to her podcasts, Conserva­tive Ako and The Sexy Minds. Follow her on or Instagram @_ricacruz.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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