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A prayer for Ben

BEN Ferrales


I said a prayer for Ben Far­rales, Dean of PWe (Ethel Ra­mos, Ricky Lo, and I) met Ben through Danny Dolor many years back. And since then, Ben had shown has Ben hosted a party for me and went to the wake of my father.

BEN Ferrales

He invited us to his home in Makati and rest house in Lagu­na. Ben also asked us to attend his fashion shows. I remember going to his Pink fashion show, where we met the charming Baby Arenas (now congress­woman from Pangasinan) and Mary Prieto (Yolanda Marquez of the movies).

Ben tendered a dinner for us, where restaurateur Joaquin Imperial cooked sumptuous dishes. Mr. Imperial was the uncle of Lollie Imperial, wife of Dennis Roldan and mother of Michele and Marco Gumabao.

Danny wondered why Ben was so kind to us. We did not really know why. But as Ben always said we are his showbiz connection.

Ben was a Gawad CCP awardee, nominated by Danny, himself a Gawad CCP awardee.

Rest in Peace our dear Ben.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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