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Does size matter?


Hello Doc Rica,

I am 26-years-old and I started dating this guy na super funny and witty. As in okay po siya and I am very happy being around him. I only had one boyfriend in the past. One time after our date, we were making out and touching each other. I noticed na his penis is not that big as my previous experience with my ex. I am scared po that if I have sex with him, it might not be good and it might ruin lahat ng okay about the two of us. Totoo po bang size matters sa mga ganito?

Donut Buy

Hello Donut Buy,

It sounds to me na excited ka sa iyong bagong dating life and I think it is a good thing that you are optimistic and you are finding a lot of good things about your new guy. To answer your question, maraming iba’t-ibang opinion tungkol sa penis size that contributes to sexual pleasure. While some consider na ang size is a big deal, meron din namang iba na kinoconsider ito na part lang of a bigger picture.

There are other factors sa pleasure kagaya ng kissing, touching, oral sex, intimacy, eye-contact, breast, butt, at marami pang iba. Sabi nga ng iba, “wala sa laki ng bangka yan pero sa paraan ng pagsagwan.” And I think communication is really key para magcontribute kung ano nga ba ang pleasurable for both of you when it comes to sex. You can explore more ways with him on how to make the experience worthwhile and enjoyable for you both.

Be not afraid and huwag mong itong hayaang masira ang kung ano mang meron kayo ngayon. Be open, there might be surprises waiting for you! Pleasurable sexual relations come with being comfortable with each other and knowing what works for each other. Siyempre, hindi ito nangyayari overnight. So, huwag mo pangunahan, malay mo, puwedeng siya pala ang right man with the right size for you! Always enjoy but do not forget to be safe!

With love and lust,

Doc Rica

Rica Cruz, PhD, RPsy is a Psychologist, Sex and Rela­tionship Therapist and Sex Educator. She is a co-host of the program Feelings at OnePH Channel 1, and listen to her podcasts, Conserva­tive Ako and The Sexy Minds. Follow her on or Instagram @_ricacruz.

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