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Billy almost gave up

BILLY Crawford (FB)


IT CAME TO A POINT, Billy Crawford revealed, that he and his wife contemplated selling everything they had and moving to another country.

He is, after all an American. His wife, Coleen Garcia, is Spanish.

BILLY Crawford (FB)

That was in 2020, at the height of the nationwide lockdown, when Coleen was heavy with child, their first, and all work in show business was suspended.

Happily, after only a few months, work started to flow in. TV5 reactivated, and Billy was tapped to host not just one but two shows.

A third show is opening on the same channel on March 13, 6 PM, Billy’s very first game show.

During a recent mediacon, the former child actor gave tips on how to become a good host. He said one must study hard, focus, and learn how to listen.

He admitted to feeling nervous each time he steps up on stage, but considers it a healthy sign.


THE WALL PHILIPPINES is like a giant pachinko game with a twist. With a 50-foot wall as backdrop, contestants can have a chance to win as much as 12 million pesos.  

The mechanics: Give the correct answer to get a green ball, miss a question and get a red ball. Green adds to the total pot money while red deducts.

The game is played by two players, preferably blood-related. They work as a team to bank as much money as they can by answering a series of questions.

The Wall Philippines is just one of two new game shows Viva Entertainment is co-producing with TV5.

1000 Heartbeats-Pintig Pinoy, hosted by Xian Lim, will air its pilot on Sunday, March 21, 8PM.

Viewers can access TV5 via Cignal Play app.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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