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Make someone happy


Who senses your loneliness and hardships, and makes it a point to reach out? He is a caring person, the type who always saves other people that he ends up neglecting himself and his own needs. Check on this person once in a while.

He is always the giver. Help reverse the role! Let him be a recipient of your kindness and generosity, too. Just because he does not talk about his heartaches and struggles doesn’t mean he does not have any. Remember, nobody is strong all the time.

In this time of pandemic, people have various concerns. Economic realities, fear of getting sick with COVID-19, domestic problems, uncertainties about the future, and feelings of isolation due to restrictions in people’s movement contribute to the growing number of people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Spread happiness, kindness, and good vibes. Smile. Ask people how they are doing. Give surprises. Volunteer to do something for someone once in a while. Take time to listen. Give your presence. Often, it does not take much to make someone happy.

How can you help make someone’s burdens a little bit more bearable? Give a part of yourself. Share what overflows. Do not wait to be asked.

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Desk

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