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Coffee’s good


Coffee is said to be healthier than what we think of it, says a study by US scientists, who claim that coffee probably contributes far more healthy antioxidants to our diet than fruits and vegetables.

According to a DPA report, scientists measured the antioxidant content of more than 100 different foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, oils.

They found out that coffee was the biggest source of antioxidants per serving and level of consumption. It was followed by black tea, bananas, dry beans, and corn.

Prof. Joe Vinson, head researcher at Scranton University in Pennsylvania said: ‘Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than any other dietary source.’

 The study revealed that both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee appeared to provide similar antioxidant levels.      

Antioxidants are the body’s agents against harmful free radicals and destructive molecules that damage cells and DNA.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Could this be true? Coffee drinkers have more sex than non-coffee drinkers. They also enjoy it more.

Coffee was first discovered by goats in a province in Ethiopia around the 6th century. Farmers saw the goats there enjoying the red berries of the coffee tree, making them more active and lively.

They tried eating the berries themselves until they discovered that boiling the berries produced a delightful brew that kept them active, too.

Coffee then travelled the world since that major discovery.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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