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Keep ‘sex flame’ burning


Hi Doc Rica,

Seven years na kami to­gether ng boyfriend ko. Sexu­ally active kami for the past two years. Madami akong nababasa na it’s not the size that matters pero what he can do with it. Pero parang medyo nagiging boring na. And of course, we want to spice things up naman. Mas interested akong malaman kung meron pa bang other uses of the penis apart from the in and out ac­tion? Salamat in advance.

Table Salt

Hi to you, Table Salt,

I am glad that your relation­ship seems to be going strong to last for seven years. It is also amazing that you were able to take that step in sexual ac­tiveness. Minsan medyo chal­lenge talaga to keep things interesting especially when you have been together for quite long. Pero wag kang mag-alala maraming ways to “spice things up.”

Well debated topic ang does size matter when it comes to the penis. Kailangan mo din maging mas open minded when considering various sexual activities. Madaming other activities that are sexy enough to be alternative to just penile penetration. Oral sex, hand jobs are other com­mon activities worth explor­ing. Kailangan nyo pag usapan ang pleasure in general. The best way is to ask and explore. You have to understand and know what makes sex pleasur­able for you. During foreplay, explore which parts of your bodies want to be touched, licked, kissed or kung ano pa man. This goes both ways. Use other parts of your bodies to stimulate each other’s geni­tals and pleasure points.

A huge part of the sexual experience starts with the brain. May sex, role playing, fantasies or even toys that you can use to keep the flames burning. Pinakamahalaga ang open communication nyo dito. With the exploration, I hope the two of you are also able to be mindful of reducing risk and keeping it safe. Always enjoy and be safe!

With Love and Lust,

Doc Rica


Rica Cruz, PhD, RPsy is a Psychologist, Sex and Rela­tionship Therapist and Sex Educator. She is a co-host of the program Feelings at OnePH Channel 1, and listen to her podcasts, Conserva­tive Ako and The Sexy Minds. Follow her on or Instagram @_ricacruz.

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