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Choose happiness


A person who keeps saying, “I will be happy if …. ” and “I will be happy when …. is never happy.

Happiness is being okay with what is here, at the moment – maybe not wanting it completely, but learning to live with it. Nothing is perfect and those who resist and complain about everything will always feel miserable.

“Contentment is gain.” It’s being at peace with what is here while still striving for better things and situations.

The ability to control one’s temper and impulses also affects a person’s happiness. Giving reign to emotions and being impulsive often lead to troubles. What happens is, even a person’s relatives and friends get affected.

Prioritizing one’s health is important to a person’s happiness. If you are strong physically and mentally, you will be spared from physical, emotional, and financial difficulties. You will also have all the time, energy, and resources to pursue your goals and do the things you want.

Surround yourself with positive things – books, music, plants, flowers, and supportive people. You can not make everything beautiful, but you can make your experiences beautiful. You always have a choice. Feed your mind with positive things everyday. Everything starts in the mind.

Create your own happiness – that is, do the things that will make you happy. Do not wait for anybody to make you happy. Stop feeling miserable if a person does something or stops doing what you expected. Don’t let mean and inconsiderate people ruin your day. You are the master of your emotions. If somebody does not like you, it doesn’t mean you are not likeable.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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