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Look before you leap


A snail’s pace isn’t always bad. Great things take time. Something may appear so good and tempting, but rushing to get it often leads to despair. Look before you leap!

Low-cost product or service, get rich quick offer, and instant relationship?

Give it much thought before you say or do anything. Seek advice from wise and trustworthy people. One of the seldom used words in a world that’s always on the rush is forethought – “careful consideration of what will be necessary or may happen in the future.” Remember, scammers and abusers skillfully appeal to their targets’ desire for comfort, beauty, pleasure, exclusivity, wealth, and affection that the latter fail to consider many things before they make a decision. Does someone constantly entice you to do something, and to do it right away? Be cautious.

Hasty decisions are usually regrettable. You don’t have to give in to any pressure. Sometimes, it only takes one choice to change your entire life, which will inevitably affect your family, too.

Pray for wisdom and prudence. Pray for balance, too. Know when to act. There are people who spend so much time considering all aspects. They can no longer decide and act on anything because they are so afraid to commit mistakes.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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