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Baby boom

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TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Baby boom is defined as a noticeable increase in the number of babies born in a country.

It was first noted in the United States, as in the US baby boom between 1946 (after World War 2) and 1964.

There is a reported baby boom following every celebration of Valentine’s Day.

True or false?


A stinky Valentine?

That’s exactly what Minnesota farmer Bruce Andersland prepared for his wife, says Oddity Central.

As a Valentine gift, Bruce surprised his wife of 37 years with a stinky spread on their farm. It showed a half-mile wide image of a heart made of pure animal manure.

Bruce’s wife, Beth, didn’t find the offering gross or obscene. She thought it was cute, and by far, the most original Valentine she ever received.


Spotted on Yahoo News (through Kamera One) these two interesting videos recently.

One showed a cat and how it tried to protect a toddler from climbing up the railing of their high-rise home balcony. As the child kept inching his way towards the railing, the cat walked back and forth the railing to stop the kid from going up. If he was able to, it could lead to bad, fatal fall.

Another video, also from Kamera One, showed a confused courier arriving at a Moscow apartment doorstep to deliver a box of pizza.

He is startled to meet the recipient, a huge chimpanzee.


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