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Don’t give up


A MAN’S confidence in his own product and his desire to become an entrepreneur made him leave his stable job and start a small shop. He manufactured his own design of electrical sockets, but struggled for months due to poor sales.

It was an unexpected order for 1,000 insulator plates that saved his company from bankruptcy. He continued to develop quality products. He was unstoppable. His name? Konosuke Matshushita, founder of the global brand Panasonic.

The struggles of successful men and women may be different in nature. One extremely popular American TV host and media executive grew up poor and was abused by relatives. There were scientists who got persecuted long before their discoveries were accepted as scientific facts. Famous and ordinary people deal with health and relationship issues. Whatever the form of struggle, remember these.

Focus on solutions. Conquer your fears. What needs to be done? Things become more bearable when you admit that you are burdened and you need help.

When you are depressed and you feel you have done everything, something will turn up and things will never be the same. Hang on. What you are going through is just a chapter. Good things will come. You will overcome the trials.

Struggles are part of life, no one is exempted, but life does not end where you are. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep moving forward.

You have options. Your life does not end when things fail. You were not meant to live for only one person, idea or thing. The world is big, and so are the options and possibilities. Don’t give up.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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