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Baklang squid


Ever heard of homosexuals in the sea world?

Some squids have been known to display homosexual behavior when they’re in heat.

They aren’t picky when it comes to seeking pleasure.

This is especially so for the fierce Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas). Nicknamed the jumbo squid, these cephalopods can reach up to six feet in length and 110 pounds.

They illuminate themselves with flashes of red and white using bioluminescence. Because of their aggressive nature, they’re sometimes called “red devils.”

This family of squid is known to be sperm-packed that they can manage to shoot sperm all over the place. They have also been known to mount other male squids in same-sex sexual activity because their bodies make sperm throughout their lifetime.

They have 300 to 1,200 spermatophores locked and loaded at any given moment.

That’s why they feel they have nothing to lose by hooking up with both males and females.

ATING ALAMIN: When Spanish explorers first saw these giant lizards that resembled crocodiles in the New World, they called them el lagarto, Spanish for lizard.

When English settlers heard el lagarto spoken in a fast manner, they spelled what they heard as alligator.

Alligators are large reptiles with strong jaws and very sharp teeth. Related to the crocodile, they live in parts of North and South America, China and Asia.


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