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Masked men





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Ever heard of men who faked their identity and married more than once or twice in different places? Some people will do everything for comfort, pleasure, money, fame, power, and control. There is a strong desire that motivates them to tell lies and weave stories with swiftness and clarity. They are also skilled at making innocent people look bad just to get what they want. If you don’t know them and their inconsistencies, you might get fooled.

Beware! Some even pretend to be generous and religious to gain acceptance and support. They do in private what they loathe publicly. Their words and actions do not match. They often beat around the bush and change the topic when asked to explain something. They focus on other things instead of on the issue.

These fake people are very good in psychology. They have carefully studied everything about their target – including the things he values, what he dislikes, and how he responds to situations. They see their target as a mere puppet, and they take delight in anticipating and seeing the reactions that they like.

So what is real about them? According to experts, it’s their anger.

Fake food, fake medicines, and fake information can harm us, but-double-faced people are more dangerous. Lord, please make us more discerning. Help us spot masked men and protect us from them. Expose them and thwart their evil plans. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

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Written by Tempo Desk

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