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Don’t drop your guard





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Just because you made it until 2021 and the numbers of COVID cases are falling do not mean you can let your guard down. Be alert and consistent in observing the protocols. It’s easier to follow a set of precautions than to suffer due to coronavirus.

Check your stock of masks regularly. Remember that a surgical mask offers more protection than a cloth mask. Choose FDA-approved masks. If you need to go out, bring extra masks for replacement in case the one which you are wearing gets dirty or wet. Experts say surgical masks lose their effectivity when they get wet. The protective barrier gets compromised, especially when they are washed. They are designed for single use only. Use and discard! It’s a good thing the supply of surgical masks has become stable a er months of scarcity, and the prices are now affordable.

Use at least 70 percent isopropyl or ethyl alcohol to disinfect your hands, your grocery items (if you cannot wash them with soap and water) and all the objects you touch frequently, like keys, door knob and remote control. Keep at least two bottles in your bag and separate bottles in your house so you won’t run out of disinfectant. Remember to keep your alcohol bottles away from direct sunlight and stove as the content is flammable.

Practice social distancing even if you will only receive delivered items in less than a minute. The protection is greater if you and the delivery guy are both wearing good quality masks. The use of a chair where delivered goods and payment can be placed will help, too. Wash your hands with soap and water immediately after holding money and the items delivered to you.

Loud talking, singing, and shouting may cause droplets to be expelled, and this has a chance of leading to infection. You do not know if the person next to you is a virus carrier, so keep your distance. Avoid places which are crowded and not well ventilated. Use your face shield.

Eat Vitamin C-rich food and anti-inflammatory food (pineapple, turmeric, garlic, and onion). Avoid too much stress. Have enough rest and sleep to help boost your immune system.

If we are going to be realistic, it will take a long time before we win the battle against COVID. Don’t drop your guard. Keep safe.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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