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Adapt and persist





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Did you notice that some plants die although they are watered daily and they get enough sunlight? Not all plants need daily watering. Moisture and sunlight requirements depend on the plant variety and every serious gardener has to consider them.

Although less desirable, weeds also belong to the plant kingdom. They require very little moisture. If there’s one amazing thing about weeds, they are persistent. Generally considered as “plants that grow where they are not wanted,” they are adaptable, competitive, and invasive. They can remain dormant for a long time, and then grow again when conditions become favorable. Wow!

Do you also notice how some weeds and even fruit trees survive between wall cracks? That’s one of the best illustrations of adaptability. Stop magnifying the cracks and wounds in your life. Even wounded branches heal and bear much fruit. So can you!

Are you experiencing down times? Do conditions seem unfavorable? Don’t lose hope. Consider the weeds that manage to wait, and then regrow when conditions change. Hang on. Adapt and persist!

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Written by Tempo Desk

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