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Count your blessings





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How are you? Can you breathe comfortably without a need for an oxygen tank or a ventilator? Can you stand and walk without needing any assistance? Do you have hot meals, running water, a roof over your head, and Internet connection? Countless people do not have one or more of the things you often take for granted. Be grateful, and enjoy your blessings.

Do what you love while you are still strong. Find the things that will make you happy. When you become old and weak, you will not be bothered by “it-might-have-beens” even if you don’t achieve all your goals.

Stop thinking about the failures, mistakes, insults, rejections, and betrayals – unless you seek to learn from them. Celebrate your small achievements, but never rest on them. Be patient with yourself and the people you deal with. Nobody’s perfect! Look at their strong points and express your appreciation.

Avoid comparing yourself to others. Some people appear to have it all, but you have no idea what they are going through. Sometimes, the more miserable they feel, the more they flaunt the good things in order to hide the insecurities. Who knows, maybe you are even happier and more at peace.

Enjoy your blessings while you still have them, including your loved ones. Mend your relationships. Be at peace with everyone. You cannot undo the past. The future is not guaranteed. “Now” is all you have.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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