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Good News: Lower electricity prices this Holiday season

Meralco linemen check the electric meter along quezon blvd in manila on August 13, 2019. President Duterte signs RA 11371 or Murang Kuryente Act which aims to reduce the cost of electricity by allocating the government share from the Malampaya natural gas project in Palawan for the payment of debts of the National Power Corporation (Napocor). The new law might reduce Php 200 to the monthly bill of household which consumes 200 kilowatts per hours per month(photo by ali vicoy)




Power rates down again in December 2020, second lowest overall power rate since September 2017

The Manila Electric Company (Meralco) has announced another downward adjustment of power rates as the overall rate for a typical household decreased by P0.0352 per kWh, from last month’s P8.5105 per kWh to P8.4753 per kWh this December.

This is equivalent to a decrease of around P7 in the total bill of residential customers consuming 200 kWh.

This month’s overall rate is also a net rate reduction of P1.3870 per kWh, equivalent to bill reduction of more than P277 for a 200 kWh household, since the start of the year.

This is the second lowest overall power rate in more than three years, or since September 2017.



Lower generation charge mainly brought about by lower Luzon grid demand

From P4.2018 per kWh in November, the generation charge decreased by P0.0502 per kWh to P4.1516 per kWh this December. All sources of supply registered lower charges this month.

Meralco said there was a P0.1881 per kWh reduction in charges from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM).

The Luzon grid’s power supply situation improved in November following a drop in demand which decreased due to successive weather disturbances.

From October 2020’s peak demand of 10,344 MW, November 2020 peak demand decreased to 9,886 MW. Also, due to the effects of typhoon “Ulysses”, the WESM was suspended by ERC from November 12 to 13, 2020.

The cost of power from the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) also decreased by P0.2577 per kWh due to improved average plant dispatch and peso appreciation.

Charges from Power Supply Agreements (PSAs) also went down by P0.0214 per kWh with the strengthening of peso against the US dollar.

WESM, IPPs, and PSAs accounted for 9%, 39%, and 52% of MERALCO’s energy requirements, respectively.



Movements in Other Charges

Transmission charge for residential customers registered a slight reduction of P0.0044 per kWh due to lower Power Delivery and Ancillary Service Charges. Meanwhile, taxes, and other charges registered a net increase of P0.0194 per kWh.

Collection of the Universal Charge-Environmental Charge amounting to P0.0025 per kWh remains suspended, as directed by the ERC.

Meralco’s distribution, supply, and metering charges, meanwhile, have remained unchanged for 65 months, after these registered reductions in July 2015.

Meralco reiterated that it does not earn from the pass-through charges, such as the generation and transmission charges.

Payment for the generation charge goes to the power suppliers, while payment for the transmission charge goes to the NGCP. Taxes and other public policy charges like the Universal Charges and the FIT-All are remitted to the government.



Meralco continues to serve during GCQ

Customers may visit their nearest Meralco Business Center, which will continue to open its doors during the General Community Quarantine (GCQ), and accept service applications, payments, and other transactions.

Strict safety measures continue to be implemented, like the “No Mask, No Entry” rule, social distancing and temperature check.

Frontliners are available and ready, but strictly follow social distancing guidelines.

Visitors can rest assured that these frontliners have passed the rapid COVID-19 testing authorized by the Pasig City Health Office. There are also acrylic barriers set up in the Meralco branches to protect both the customer and the frontliner.

But, for maximum safety and convenience, Meralco still encourages customers to use Meralco Online to transact from the safety of their homes.

Multiple options for transactions have also been offered by the distribution utility, including the Meralco Mobile App via, Meralco Online via, and the Meralco authorized payment channels at

For more information and concerns, customers may visit Meralco’s website at, its social media accounts, twitter @MERALCO and Facebook at or may also call the MERALCO Hotline at 16211.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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