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Flying dragon

GLIDING lizard






Our experts, geniuses in the field of science continue to study nature around us, then come up with amazing new, often bizarre, discoveries.

One of these, according to, an online trivia site, is the discovery of what is known now as Flying Dragons.

These aren’t those ferocious, fire-breathing dragons, mind.

These creatures are small lizards that feed on insects, but they actually don’t fly. Rather, they glide in the air using their elongated ribs.

These little lizards use their gliding ability to navigate through the forest to locate food, find mates, and protect their territories.


GLIDING lizard
GLIDING lizard


TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Venus is the hottest in the solar system.

The planet Jupiter has the most gravity.

Pearls are found in oysters.

Oysters are good to eat if one has memory problems.

Oysters help improve your mental functions by supplying the brain with much needed zinc.

Marie Curie is the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. She won in 1903.


ATING ALAMIN: When did man first see planet earth?

It happened in July 1969 when the American spaceship, Apollo II, was launched towards the moon. The astronaut Neil Armstrong then set foot on the moon’s surface.

On TV, before our very eyes, the whole world saw planet earth from a distance. It looked like some floating object against the black background of cosmic space.

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