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‘Co-star wars’






Highspeed continues its trip to Hollywood via, “co-star wars,” actors flinging dirt at former co-stars.

“Miss [Lucile] Ball was very nice to me. Eventually, I heard she was bloody rough on those younger than she was. But she was nice to me. She always liked to see me sitting down. She would lean over and ask me if all was well. I kept assuring her that it was. I think she was afraid of old age, what it might do to her comedy and her looks. She probably looked at me and saw herself –if she is lucky to live as long.” – ESTELLE WINWOOD

“There was never much of a camaraderie among women stars at MGM…I remember when I was in East Side, West Side the star was Barbara Stan­wyck. I had only one scene with her, but I’ll never forget it. Barbara never even looked at me through the scene. Even when we were off-camera, she ignored me. I am convinced her aim was to make things as dif­ficult for me as she could. She succeeded. I was shy and inex­perienced, so that was quite a blow.” – CYD CHARISSE

“My co-star status in Cleopatra was jeopardized by the overly publicized affair between Eliza­beth Taylor and Richard Burton. She did get top billing, so I face­tiously suggested billing the picture ‘Elizabeth Taylor in Heat,’ and it took the Fox executives a while to realize that I wasn’t re­ally serious.” – REX HARRISON

(Source: “Hollywood Babble On” by Boze Hadleigh)

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Written by Tempo Desk

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