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Rare bird

NORTH Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher





On the last week of October, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle carried a picture story about the sight­ing and photographing of a rare bird at the EPIC PARC Rainforest in Tanay, Rizal.

The beautiful, adorable red bird turned out to be a North Phil­ippine Dwarf Kingfisher.

As its name suggests, this bird is endemic to the Philippines.


NORTH Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher
NORTH Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher


Its population, however, is fast dwindling and is down to any­where between 10 to 20,000, ac­cording to recent estimates.

North Philippine Dwarf King­fishers are usually found in subtropical or tropical moist rainforests.

Extensive lowland deforesta­tion, however, has put their habi­tat under threat.

Wildlife photographer Edwin Martinez considers himself lucky to have spotted and photographed such a rare bird in a place not too far from Metro Manila.

He believes there may be a rise in these birds’ population.

“It is a rare bird, one of the most sought after among bird photographers,” he says.

According to Edwin, spot­ting, much less photographing, a North Philippine Dwarf King­fisher (Ceyx melanurus) can be quite difficult. They are secre­tive by nature.


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Written by Tempo Desk

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