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Yahoo News posted on Oct. 23: Chaos erupted in the streets of Chanderi, India as two monkey clans got into a massive scrap over territory. The turf war lasted for half an hour, causing a major inconvenience for the local resi­dents.

In the animal kingdom, mon­keys are the closest to humans where expressing emotions (like fear, anger, jealousy) is con­cerned.

What happened in India is a common occurrence among mon­keys elsewhere. They launch war as they fight for territorial rights.

Can a monkey bite kill?

Their bite can be deadly as it can cause anaphylactic shock in humans, enough to kill them.

A monkey that comes out at night has been discovered by scientists in Borneo.

It is said that its bite is so poisonous it could kill a human.

Monkeys can never be good house pets because they carry parasites and diseases that are dangerous to humans.

They may seem to be in perfect health, but when they inevitably bite or scratch you, you may end up with a variety of health issues that they can pass on to you.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sourc­es): Bulldogs may have an aggres­sive, fierce appearance, and repu­tation, too. Yet, there’s another side to them. Bulldogs can be very playful and affectionate.

In some countries, bulldogs are becoming a popular pet choice.

In 19th century England, bull­dogs were used in a sport called bullbaiting.

Through the years, they have been tamed by humans.

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