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Hello Doc Rica,

Is the menstruation cycle re­lated to my attraction towards certain genders? I am bisexual and during ovulation, I am super attracted to males. Like I can’t get enough of my boyfriend. Tapos kapag mas malapit na akong mag­karoon, doon ako naghahanap ng female experience. Like minsan, I even beg my boyfriend to find someone we can have a three­some with level. Medyo malala po ba or normal lang ito?

Thank you,

Black Bag


Hello Black Bag,

Fascinating itong pinresent mo sakin na fluctuation ng attraction mo between sexes depending on your cycle. I must say that there is no related research that I can find that has studied this. I cannot say for sure kung itong pattern ba ay same din sa iba or unique sa iyong sexual preference and physiology.

However, known fact naman that ovulation and heightened libido or sexual attraction and activity ay related. Mas mataas talaga ang level during ovulation as nature’s way of signaling that you are ready for procreation with the opposite sex. Nagbabago ang pitch ng boses, body scent, at pananamit without actually being conscious about it. Heightened din ang level ng urges and sexual fantasies during ovulation.

In the same way, your boyfriend is more aroused by you during ovulation. Ang mga lalaki din ay may mas mataas na level ng testosterone as a response to smelling a female who is ovulat­ing. Isa itong biological survival function.

Maganda ang pagiging aware mo sa patterns mong ganito. Maganda din na napapag-usapan ninyo ng iyong partner ang iyong pagiging bisexual and it’s good that he is okay with it. Regardless of research, it’s essential na mag­ing totoo sa iyong desires and keep listening to your body.

Be safe in more ways than one!

With love and lust,

Doc Rica


Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psy­chologist, Sex and Relationships Therapist, and Sex Educator. Follow her at TheSexyMind and @_ricacruz in Twitter and IG.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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