What makes Piolo glow



Many admire Piolo Pascual for his unrelenting passion for work.

He may be known to most mainly as an actor but Piolo has been doing so many other things.

In fact, he is also into producing films, singing, modelling, among many others.

Given all that, Piolo also makes sure to have enough time to bond with son, Iñigo.

So how does he juggle all of these things?

According to Piolo, it’s all about time management.

“You have to follow a schedule and stick to it,” he related. “Discipline, of course, is key.”

It is also important for him to get a good rest after a long day of work.

“Rest helps you recharge, it enables you to gather the needed strength to face the challenges given to life,” said Piolo who, just recently, Piolo signed up as ambassador of Beautéderm.

He has good reason to do so, being a fan of the company’s well-known product, Beau Charcoal Soap.

He shared, “My sister has been a longtime user of Beautéderm products, I have read a lot about the brand, and I’ve been hearing positive feedback about it from my colleagues in the business and Beau Charcoal Soap is a daily essential for me. It truly delivers its promises – I feel relaxed, energized, and rejuvenated every time I take a shower after a long day.”

piolo rhea

Beautéderm President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan – honored by People Asia magazine in its annual “Women of Style and Substance” issue this month— is happy to have Piolo onboard.

“I always wanted to have Piolo as ambassador. I have always admired his body of work as one of the most accomplished and respected artists in the industry. The idea to have him as ambassador has always been in my bucket list ever since I started the company in 2009,” she said. “With hard work, careful planning, and prayers, my dream to have him as one of my ambassadors is finally a reality.”

Piolo, who is also a businessman himself, is inspired with the business model of Beautéderm.

“I’m so glad to know the brand is helping so many people and their families because of the business opportunities that it provides to its resellers and distributors around the country. Their sales force is one of the most hard-working teams I’ve ever seen and I am honored to be part of Beautéderm.”

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Written by Tempo Desk

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