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Longest rivers






kim atienza

Some rivers are really large. They are awesome as they are long and winding.

Some of the world’s longest rivers, as listed by Wikipedia, are the following: Amazon River, Yangtze River, Mississippi River, Yenisei River (central Russia), Yellow River (China), Ob River, Parana River (central South America).

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Aba, di tayo pahuhuli diyan.

Some of the largest rivers in the Philippines are Cagayan Riv­er, Rio Grande de Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro), Agusan River, Pulangi River (Mindanao) and Pampanga River (water flows from Sierra Madre mountains).

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Our very own Pasig River is a 27-kilometer stretch, measur­ing 50 meters at its widest and 4 meters deep at its shallowest.

The river runs through nine cities and one municipality in Metro Manila. Efforts to use it as a transport hub for commuters are in place.

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TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Vinegar has too many uses. Dr. Abercio V. Rotor cites some of them in his book, “Liv­ing with Folk Wisdom.”

When boiling meat, add a spoonful of vinegar to the water to make it more tender.

Soak wilted veggies in water with a dash of vinegar, and they will be fresh again.

Removing fruit stain from your hand? Rub with vinegar.

In cleaning eyeglasses, wipe each lens with a drop of vin­egar.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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