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Healthy footnotes

kuya kim atienza


A DOCTOR-friend sent me some healthy footnotes, which I am sharing with readers piece by piece.

Did you know that rain contains vitamin B-12?

That massaging your feet with oil before going to bed at night is good for your eyes?

That carrots contain 0 percent fat?

More of these in the next issues.


ON EXERCISE: The book, “Doc Robert´s Guide to Better Health and Wellness” by Dr. Robert Walcher enumerates the benefits of exercise:

Exercise is your armor against a whole range of illnesses.

Exercise can keep your weight under control.

Exercise gives you energy.

Exercise makes you happy.

Exercise is absolutely fun.


IN PRAISE OF: Malunggay, easy to grow and rich in vitamin C, is being used as an ingredient in making malunggay noodles.

There are small firms in Ca­gayan Valley that produces them.

Other vegetables that are used in making noodles are am­palaya, pechay, saluyot, squash, soya and carrot.

Moringa spp. is the scientific name of malunggay.


ATING ALAMIN: We are al­ways told to go under the sun for our dose of vitamin D. Ano po ba ang ibang major sources ng vitamin D? Ang vitamin D ay makukuha natin sa gatas, fish oil, at fortified margarine.


TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Each pineapple plant produces only one pineapple per year.

It’s the same with a banana plant.

The Arabs invented caramel.


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Written by Tempo Desk

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