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Ang camachile, bow


kuya kim atienza


SUMMER is once more time for camachile (kamatsile), also known as damortis in Ilocano, or monkeypod or blackbead in English.

Today’s millennials may not be familiar with this old, old fruit, a favorite snack among people of an older generation. It has a nice, sweet taste, yet not too sweet to keep off a diabetic.

Camachile has many traditional uses and benefits. It can relieve convulsions, inflammations, even venereal sores.

It also functions as remedy against diarrhea, dysentery, chest congestion, and internal


Camachile tree is a genus of flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae. It inhabits the Pacific Coast and adja­cent highlands of Mexico, Central America, and north­ern South America.

It was introduced to and now grows extensively in the Caribbean, Florida, Guam, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines.

It is considered an invasive species in Hawaii.

It is also sometimes re­ferred to as Manila tama­rind although it is neither a tamarind nor is it from Manila. It is originally from Mexico where it is known as guamachil.


DID YOU KNOW? A flock of crows is called a murder. No wonder Alfred Hitchcock loved referring to crows in films that had lots of murder and suspense in them.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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