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ERIK Matti (FB)
ERIK Matti (FB)

WHILE Erik Matti could not go beyond the superficial flaws, director Joey Reyes actually took time to dissect K-dramas, writing an entire blog while at it.

Joey admitted to being im­pressed with Koreanovelas deem­ing these “visually stunning,” not­ing how Koreans are seemingly gunning for “television materials which are world class caliber.”

“If Filipino viewers are in awe of the amount of investment plonked into these productions compared to the local counter­parts, then let us explain,” Reyes wrote, going on to cite several things he noticed in K-dramas, including its superb produc­tion values and emphasis on


“You know you are watch­ing a K-drama because you can immediately identify the look. Money is funneled into giving worth and value to every scene shot,” he said.

“You’ve got these terrific actors who are focused on delivering varied roles per project, exqui­sitely written plots that make familiar tropes look new but all these are topped by a look…a brand…that makes the Kore­anovelas distinct from their other Asian counterparts.”

He also noted, “The characters are all aspirational. You look at them and you want to look like them.”

According to Joey, it is “use­less” to compare K-dramas with Filipino productions because “they have transcended national boundaries to provide worldwide entertainment.”

“We have not reached that league,” he said.

Joey’s suggestion?

“We must advance if not evolve into thinking beyond Aleng Tac­ing and her baranggay… there is a bigger world out there…”

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Desk

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