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Adopting a ‘psychology of war’


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WAR footing was the terminology I first used in a previous column in properly addressing the pandemic coronavirus. Part of the solution is cascading to the general public the necessity for adopting a “psychology of war” in order they be in the proper frame of mind in terms of comprehending the seriousness of the times. This way, government, and especially, personal behavior, adopt to the new reality of an actual threat, in our respective homes, and the entire country.

The commonalities are the following: 1. War is about the state of preparedness or unpreparedness. Cycle of decision making and response times 2. There is an enemy, a palpable threat. In this case, COVID-19, was an insurgent, initially difficult to identify 3. Casualties of “war.” Deaths from COVID-19 4. POWs (Prisoners of War), in this case, required quarantines for Persons Under Investigation or under Monitoring (PUIs or PUMs) 5. Wounded in Action, COVID-19 patients who are in hospital and will eventually recover 6. Is another “world war” as the coronavirus ravages the entire planet in rising numbers.

  1. Our families are hiding from the “enemy” – stay home 8. In the “fog of war,” there is always the lack of logistical support to combat the disease 9. Interruptions of communication and coordination in response time or emergency situations.
  2. Doctors have the painful duty to decide which patient has a higher chance of survival in the use of beds or ventilators 11. No man’s land or curfews 12. Rationing of primary goods and medicine. Limited quantity of for purchases
  3. Everyone is a victim in war – rich, poor, doctor, police, male, female, the very young and old. 14. Business, trade, industry, investments, labor, schools, etc. the economy is contracting 15. Weaponry and arms. Face masks, pocket alcohols and sanitizers to Personal Protective Equipment 16. Compartmentalize policy actions and security in various fronts under one unified command 17. Heroes of duty and courage. Doctors, nurses, etc. War is costly and a drain to the economy.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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