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MANY believe that great leaders are destined to succeed because of innate leadership characteristics. However, contemporary studies say otherwise. Nurturing leadership skills and growing them through continuing education is the key to success.

In reality, most top CEOs have degrees in several majors. They have a strong academic background that helped them develop discipline, inventiveness, and analytical thinking. And those who pursued a masteral or a doctorate degree in business administration increased their business acumen while honing their management and leadership skills.

Forbes 500’s top three CEOs are Carl Douglas McMillan of Walmart, Darren Woods of ExxonMobil, and Tim Cook of Apple Inc. All three hold MBA degrees. Equipped with the relevant tools and knowledge on leadership and management, they successfully steered their workplace into world-class companies that changed the world.

PepsiCo Chairwoman Indra Noovi says, “You must continually increase your learning, the way you think, and the way you approach the organization.”

Noovi is one of the most successful CEOs in the world. She highlights the importance of learning throughout one’s career. She further emphasizes that “To make an impact in a complex and fast-changing world, you must learn, earn, and return, simultaneously, at every stage of your career,” Nooyi says, adding, “I got to be a CEO, and more importantly, I’ve stayed a CEO, because I am a lifelong student.”

Graduate schools flourished to meet the increasing demand for leaders possessing post-graduate degrees. Sadly, some graduate schools have just become diploma mills only to get a lion’s share of the growing market. For some, it is a numbers game racing for the highest number of enrollees, retention, and graduates.

A few takes pride in providing world-class graduate education and produce great leaders who guide their colleagues into workplace challenges, help them improve performance and lead through career decisions. And San Beda University Graduate School of Business (SBU-GSB) is one of the few.

Since SBU-SGB’s birth, it has sustained its status of being one of the top graduate schools in the Philippines. It offers a world-class graduate education inspired by the leadership and governance tenets of St. Benedict of Nursia and by the Ten Hallmarks of Education – love, prayer, stability, conversation, obedience, humility, stewardship, hospitality, and community.

Guided by those fundamentals, SBU-GSB seeks to train knowledgeable, skilled, and principled potential leaders focusing on leadership development, advance critical, creative and integrative thinking, and continuous professional learning.

Integrated into the program is the Benedictine Rule of Leadership emphasizing collegiality, teamwork, community, creativity and innovation, stability, ethics, and empowerment.

It produces two publications. One is the refereed Journal of Business Research and Development that serves as a venue for scholars and practitioners to further advance their knowledge in the field of business and enable the development of new policies, processes, services, and products.

The other publication is the SBU-GSB Management Digest where faculty members impart and disseminate information and knowledge to students.

Go and advance your career with San Beda University Graduate School of Business with top practitioner professors and state of the art classrooms on a trimester schedule.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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