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Travel goals of a person in debt


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MY Dear Iponaryos,

If you were given a chance to give someone who owes you money a trip abroad, where would it be?

“What? A trip abroad?” “Hello, they still owe me money!” “Chinkee, are you okay?”

You are probably having these thoughts right now. But, yes, you read my question right.

Depending on the level of your financial issues against that person who owes you money (and you are still unsure whether he will pay anytime soon), here is a list of the countries where you can send them in:

“What? I still don’t get it, Chinkee!”

Okay, let’s bring those persons in debt around the world and find out where they truly belong:

J.A.P.A.N (Just Always Pay Ahead Nicely)

Have you ever tried reminding that person of their date of repayment? How does it feel being the one to remind him of the date? Did you feel like a bad person doing it?

“Here it is!””Saksak mo sa bago mo!” “You thought I would ditch paying you?”

There is nothing wrong with borrowing money, especially if we are really in dire need of cash. There is nothing wrong with it until the borrower forgets to pay on time and makes you (the lender) look bad for reminding him to pay.

We can always say our reasons for not paying on time. It is always the responsibility of the borrower to inform the lender ahead about the problems paying the debt If we were in dire need of cash when we asked someone if we can borrow money from them, the lender will also soon be in dire situation that will need that money he let us borrow.

My friend, always remember JAPAN. JAPAN! Let us pay ahead nicely.

I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust And Love You)


Yes, there is a big BUT…

We love our family, friends, and loved ones, BUT we also wish they would pay us on time.

Do you know one reason why we cannot save more money? This is because we are always shy to ask them to repay the money, especially when it comes to our loved ones.

“Chinkee, it is hard to ask a family or relative to repay the money.”

“My friend might get offended if I ask for the payment.”

“My friend might tell me I am being arrogant.”

The result of this mindset? The amount of money people owe you gets bigger. They continue to borrow money with no plans of repaying you anytime soon because you are not even asking them to pay anything.

My dear friend, if you ever get into this situation, make sure to take things as lessons learned. Do not let any person who has any debt issues with you, borrow money from you again. This is if you really cannot take the risk of asking them to pay back the money.

LON.DON (Loan D’on, Loan Dito)

Do you know a debt-dependent person who keeps posting positive things on social media?

  • #blessed
  • #newBag
  • #FineDining
  • #Iphone11
  • #StaycationsaBeach
  • #TravelGoal

They keep posting and bragging things on social media just to prove that they have new things that are “in.”

There is really nothing wrong with the post, but how they act as if they do not have any debt obligations is wrong.

While that person is enjoying his time bragging things, here you are, still hoping that he would soon pay his borrowed money from you.

It is okay to enjoy things, it is everyone’s right to live life happily, anyway. But let us not forget our responsibilities, especially when it comes to our debts.

Before you brag about being #blessed, make sure you are #debtfree first.


  1. Does anyone still owe you money?
  2. Which of the abovementioned countries does that person belong to?
  3. What can you do to make sure anyone who borrows money from you will pay it back on time?

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Desk

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Tempo 05 March 2020, Thursday issue