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What keeps you going?


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CHINKEE, why are you always motivated? What makes you get up every single day? What keeps you achieving?

I have been asked these questions often. Every time, I answer by stating my mission in life – I want to fulfill my calling to help people to become wealthy and debt-free.

It gives me joy that I can help people be successful in life. I love seeing people who were once unable to get out of debt, now free to enjoy their finances; those who cannot save, now has thriving savings and has emergency funds; and those who do not know how to invest, now can double or even triple their money.

More than my calling, I keep on persisting and do not give up because of the important people in my life since the beginning of my journey until now. I realized how important it is to be grateful for the people who are in our lives.

As we enter a new decade, we should thank the Lord that we still have the chance to be around our beloved who keep blessing us in many ways.



Whether partner in love or in business, we should appreciate the presence of our partner in our lives. This is the person we spend most of our time with, the one we build our dreams with, and the one we can be honest with.

This year, let us strive to build a stronger and healthier relationship with our partner so we can succeed in our businesses or in life in general.

If we do not have partners, our family is often our core team, our main support group. Our family may not be the best companion in the world because of the petty fights, but at the end of the day, our family is the one who can truly accept us – flaws and all.

So despite our busy schedule, we must prioritize spending time with them especially if our parents are no longer getting younger.

As we rest during the weekends, we can have quality time with our fam­ily through simple meals or through quick chats over coffee. A healthy and peaceful home gives us a healthy and peaceful mind, thus, we must prioritize cultivating a good relationship with our family.



We spend most of our day at work and being with people who were once strangers, now our teammates. We do our best to get along with them despite all the challenges while accomplishing our tasks.

Today, let us be thankful for our co-workers who help us in our work. And if our co-workers are a little bit difficult, let us still be thankful for they make our lives quite exciting!

If in case you lead your workers, express in any way how you appreci­ate their hard work and loyalty. These people help you reach your goals. Remember that happy workers make customers happy, so let us take care of our workers.



“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” Proverbs 27:17 mentioned that a friend is vital in our growth as a person. More than being loyal, a true friend speaks honestly yet tenderly so that we can be a better version of ourselves.

We need friends to keep us ground­ed and to guide us in our decisions. Let us treasure their good influence in our lives.

I would also like to take this op­portunity to thank you, my dear Team Positive. You have been with me in my radio programs, my workshops, my blogs, my columns, my books, and now with my growing YouTube channel.

I am beyond grateful for all the sup­port and love I have been receiving. Because of that, I am so motivated to be better this 2020 so I can share more knowledge and inspiration with you.

You also inspire me whenever I learn about your financial victories be­cause your success is my success, too. Therefore, I would love to read your success stories. You can send your testimonies on how I have helped you reach your goals to [email protected]

Who knows whose lives your story will touch? Perhaps your success will be the reason a person will get up and continue fighting for his or her purpose in life. Let us sharpen each other, my dear Team Positive!

Thank you for sticking with me throughout the years. I have been planning and preparing exciting things so we can succeed altogether. Let us make 2020 our best year yet!



What is your motivation in life? Have you been grateful lately? Who are the people you are thankful for?

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Desk

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