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A different kind of mother


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GIVEN the closely-knit ties that define Filipino families, Filipino mothers, particularly nowadays, are more than the traditional “homemak­ers” as they too work for to meet the families’ economic needs. While this is so, Filipino mothers remain to be the “glue” that binds the whole family.

I would like to pay tribute to one mother who is not only the epitome of a working Filipino mother (as she has played such role even before working mothers became the norm in the Philippine society) but also a different kind of “glue” to her family.

Mrs. Lydia Galang-Syjuco is the epitome of a working Filipino mother because unlike many others, she never had the concern of balancing motherhood and career or sacrific­ing one to excel in the other. She is a mother and her business career was a mere motherhood tool – one that enables her to excel in per­forming her nurturer role to her five children.

Mrs. Syjuco excelled both in motherhood and business because she used the latter as a means to the former. As she is a mother first and a businesswoman second, her commitment to motherhood and love for her children fueled her busi­ness success.

Mothers have unconditional love for their children. Such kind of love is essentially the glue that binds the family. Mrs. Syjuco has a unique brand of unconditional love – one that is not limited to her children as it extends to all friends of her children.

Mrs. Syjuco treats the friends of her children as her own friends and children. I am one of them and feel blessed for having her as a friend and second mother. This is one of the many ways how she has been able to firmly glue her family together.

As a person, mother, friend and businesswoman, she has always been undaunted. She is, in fact, one of the strongest and bravest persons I know. She sees every challenge as an opportunity to give and do more and perform better in all the roles she played.

Mrs. Syjuco is an inspiring person as he has a seemingly fathomless well of goodness in her. She would do acts of goodness, caring and love for her children, her friends, and other members of her family that are totally unexpected but always with a mark of pure sincerity.

On December 22, she will cel­ebrate her birthday and this column article is a long overdue act of paying tribute to her. I wish her more years of life-touching life for I know that making a difference to the life of others gives her the greatest joy.

You are one of a Kind. I love you most!

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Written by Tempo Desk

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