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Almost got scammed


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ONE day, a friend called me and said: “Chinkee, I need your advice because this is a huge deal. I will earn a lot with this deal if it goes through. I stand to earn P2 million.”

“What’s this deal about?” I asked.

“I saw a product being sold online. All I need to do is find a buyer and be a middleman,” my friend said.

He posted the product online and VOILA! He was able to get an immediate response from a very interested buyer and wants to buy it ASAP!

This all seemed very promising. “Wow! I can make P2 million just by being the middleman!”

But there is one problem. When he got back to the seller, the seller told him: “Sir, limited stocks only, if you do not buy it tonight, I will sell these to other interested buyers!”

My friend called his buyer and true enough, he dropped another bomb.

The buyer said, “Since I am in the province and you are in Manila, order and pay for it first and I will pay you when we meet. I can even send you P200,000 as a downpayment.”

Since the stocks are running out and there is a deadline and the buyer made a promise to pay for P2 million, “Hmmm, it looks like this needs capital after all?”

The thought that no capital is needed has turned a dream into a nightmare. So my friend called me up and asked if this is a good deal.

After narrating all the circum­stances, it is pretty obvious that my friend got himself caught up in a perfect recipe for a SCAM.

I jokingly told him to give me P500,000 for helping him save P2 million for not being scammed.

Why is it a scam? There are three glaring facts:

  1. Do you know the person sell­ing or buying? NO!
  2. Is the person selling pressur­ing you to buy? YES!
  3. Is the buyer also pressuring you to buy the remaining stocks? YES!

So how did the story end? He told the scammer that he won’t go through with the deal. The seller and buyer both pressured him to go through with the deal.

Both of them kept on calling him. So he just blocked both of their numbers so he won’t be reached again.

Why do people get scammed?

The sad truth is this: Scammer uses one of the oldest tricks in the book, GREED!

Always remember, the fear of loss is more powerful than the promise of gain. So anyone can fall prey to deals that make it seem like a good investment and the returns are huge. So if you are not wise and careful, you can be the next victim.


Have you also been offered with a get rich quick scheme? What is your story? Please let me know, write me at [email protected]

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Written by Tempo Desk

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